To meet the customers enhance demand, A modern facility created to manufacture Spur & Helical Gears & Shafts for domestic & international OE customers. Our Facility include state-of-art teeth cutting & teeth finishing Machines enabling us to produce and supply DIN Class-7 Components in soft stage and DIN class – 8 (JIS 4) Components after Heat treatment and external & internal grinding.


  • CNC & Conventional Hobbing Machines.
  • Gear Shaper Straight & Taper up to 7 degrees.
  • PLC Controlled Gear Shaving M/c’s.
  • Broaching Machines.
  • Spline Milling.
  • Spline Rolling.
  • Tooth Chamfering (all type).
  • Hob & Broach Re-Sharpening.
  • Heat Treatment (Carburizing and Induction Hardening).
  • Spline, Cylindrical & CNC Angular Head Grinders.
  • CNC Klingenberg P-40 Gear analyzer.


  • Hobbing, Shaping, Taper, Shaping, Shaving, Sealed Quench Heat Treatment & I.D/ OD Grinding.
  • CD range 30 400mm.
  • Max Module 6 mm.
  • Max Helix 45degree.
  • Min no. of teeth 3.

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