Hypoid / Spiral Bevel Gears (Crown wheel & pinion sets) & Curvic couplings manufactured on Gleason machines. Ratio for various applications is being supplied from ATV’s to HCV’s to leading Domestic OEM’s & Domestic & Overseas aftermarket.


Dia: From 100mm to 500mm.
Max. Module: 2 DP (12.5mm).
Max. Face Width: 76mm.
Max. Helix Angle: 45%.
Class of Accuracy: AGMA 10.
Capacity Available: 18000sets per month.


Gleason Hypoid Generators
– 608/609/610/606 /607/116/26.
– Continuous Gas Carburizing Furnace.

Gleason Quenching Press: 527 & 529
Gleason Hypoid Tester: 511 & 17A.
Gleason Lappers CNC: 507 & 119.

Cutter Sharpener
– Noise Testing Room.
– Manganese Phosphating.

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