In order to get the value addition for the customers we seek to grow in expertise and technological capabilities such that we can add value to our products for our customers. The customers always benefit from the excellence in the production of high-quality components being manufactured by the company over the last two decades.


  • CNC Vertical & Horizontal Machining centres.
  • CNC Centreless and Angular head Grinders.
  • Carl Zeiss CNC 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine.
  • Profile Projector and Tracer.
  • Trimos & Digital Height Master.
  • Roundness and Surface finish tester.


  • Max. Turning Dia- 500mm.
  • Max. Turning Length- 1000mm.
  • Rotary Index Table.
  • Heat Treatment (Carburizing and Induction Hardening).
  • Drilling & Grinding.
  • Manganese Phosphating.

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