Success is just another milestone.

Sadhu Forging was established in 1976 with very modest resources, but a crystal-clear vision. Armed with commitment, technical expertise and a winner’s attitude, within a very short span, this small forging shop has grown into a massive organization employing more than a 1200 people, operating from 4 huge manufacturing units and enjoying an incredible brand reputation in India and overseas.

The journey so far

This journey has not been as easy as it seems. But driven by a passion for top quality, Sadhu took every obstacle to its advantage and always emerged as a cut above the rest. Globally accepted for its superiority in Rough Forging, Machined Forging, Gears & Shafts, Crown Wheels & Pinions, Sadhu Forging is forging ahead with excellence and manufacturing products for  original equippments manufacturer in India and Abroad.Products exporting repeatidely to EUROPE, USA, JAPAN,South East Asian Countries.
  The company's corporate philosophy revolves around the quote;........  
  The Company has ambitious plans to expand further and be among the prominent.......  
  Sadhu Forging Ltd. began exporting its products to foreign shores in 1994. In 2008-09, .....  
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